As an artist living in Southern California, I watch the world around me in continual change, where new emerges on top of old. The spaces we travel through are covered in structures that dominate our landscape. They serve as powerful forces that are taking over the natural space in our city. As I drive through Southern California,  I fear that in the near future we may find ourselves looking at a world covered entirely by architecture.

Often times I use a combination of structures such as local construction sites, freeway overpasses, parking garages, with imagined shapes and organic forms to develop the paintings’ compositions.

In the studio, my process can involve making 3D dimensional models to work from. In my paintings, I seek to enhance the dominance of the built world through creating large meta structures, by compressing architecture, creating collisions, or twisting elements within each other. I am inspired simultaneously by a fear and awe of built structures power.

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